By Leo García

Hello, I'm a Marketing Specialist, creative Graphic Designer & Photographer with a deep knowledge in technologies and arts. I assist companies, start-ups, associations and marketing departments to improve their businesses.

As a loyal key player, I will support you to improve the value of your brand, products and services, helping to attract and retain customers and making your entity more attractive to get the desired results.


You're creating a company, managing an association, working in a marketing department or owning a business

I help people like you who want to improve their organizations


Graphic design

Show your values

Logo Design, Web Design, Brand Design, Advertising, Presentations, Infographics and more.




Get professional images

Photography, Retouch and Video. Enhance your products, campaigns, events, reports and contents.




Improve your skills

Adapted to you and your staff. Photography, Retouch, Graphic Design and Presentations.




Reach the target

SEO, Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing. We deliver strategic ideas to increase your impact.


Watching Sloganimage´s works with your colleagues drives your business to success

I do not bite!

There are people committed to the improvement and people who don't care. What kind are you?

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